Ronald F. Suber, Attorney at Law


Mr. Suber has had a varied and successful career practicing law. The following references/testimonials are from industry leaders in North Alabama. 

"I highly recommend Ron Suber for responsive and insightful legal advice. Ron takes the time to educate his clients on their positions and options -- that's the kind of legal buisness advice we need."

- Peggy Sammon, President Magna Vista Group, Inc.

"Ron is the most diligent and well prepared attorney I have ever used. His thoroughness and dedication to his clients is remarkable, and much appreciated."

- Mike Watson, Consultant and former CEO, Three Springs, Inc.

"Ron Suber developed a number of legal documents (agreements between parties) for our company. He was very diligent in making sure that all options were covered in the agreements; explaining the need to us as the documents were developed. Although at the time, we questioned the need for such thoroughness, we later were extremely thankful for the protections that these agreements provided. I definitely recommend Ron."

- Mr. Walter Batson, Jr. Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Camber Corporation

“Ron Suber has deep knowledge in business and transactional law. In the twenty years that I have worked with Mr. Suber, he has successfully executed extremely complicated agreements in private equity, debt, mergers, acquisitions, non-disclosure, and employment. Mr. Suber has managed a team of attorneys and often had to face-off against the legal teams of large multi-national companies and still succeeded in achieving his client’s goals. Mr. Suber is a legal pro who views legal issues from a number of angles. I strongly recommend him both personally and professionally”

- Mark Petroff, Manager, Magna Vista Group and Former COO of Time Domain Corporation

“Ron is a very knowledgeable business attorney. I have used him in my own business and referred my clients to him as well. He provides excellent service at affordable prices and he really knows his stuff.”

-Rita R. Byers, CPA, Spanish Fort, Alabama